is a trusted blender manufacturer and supplier of wide range of high-performance lubricants which includes Automotive,Industrial & Power Generation Lubricants that are formulated to international standard.

From the inception of the plant back in 1965, SAOCLblended lube oil under the brand of  and subsequently after Independence of Bangladesh blended lube Oils for the Sate run oil marketing companies Padma, Meghna and Jamuna oil Company under the brand name of Mobil ,Castrol, bp, Gulf.

Thereafter, with the change in Government policy for free market economy in 1995-96 SAOCLblended, packed and marketed its own lube product under the brand name of  which at present time is a well-established brand all over Bangladesh.

Alongside Lubzone brand Lube oil  also imports & market High-Quality Foreign branded lubricants by the brand name of 

Apart from blending and marketing of lube oils, the company ventured into other projects of storing and distribution of Liquid Petroleum Gas, Bitumen, Diesel Oil and Furnace Oil.